Mozart Concert Vienna in the first Mozarthaus

Vienna Classical Concerts in the oldest Concert Hall

“the concert in the Mozarthouse are my favorite in Vienna” Rick Steves

♦ Historic atmosphere of the Sala Terrena

                                                   ♦ The original location where Mozart played                                                                          

Centrally located near St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Classical Viennese music (Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven etc. )- all year round!

Monastery of the Teutonic Order – Sala Terrena  was built in the style of Venetian late Renaissance

Performed in original costumes of Mozart’s time!

TripAdvisor ranking – First place of all concerts in Vienna !!

The Mozart Ensemble plays Divertimenti, Serenades and great string quartettes of the Vienna Classical Period.


The concerts at Mozarthaus were founded in 1998 by violinist Claudio Bentes


With over 200 performances per year,

the Mozart Ensemble has become an established fixture

in Vienna’s classical music scene.


Violin: Claudio Bentes

Address:  1, Singerstrasse 7  – Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 911 9077
Mobile: +43 676 527 8897

Year-round concerts:

Thursday:    7:30 pm
Friday:         7:30 pm
Saturday:    6:00 pm
Sunday:       7:30 pm