Sala Terrena / Colloredo Hall

Please note: Due to renovation works in the Sala Terrena, the concerts are taking place from 16th of July till the end of November in the Colloredo-Hall (Singerstraße 7, 1010 Vienna).

Colloredo Hall

Sala Terrena

The Sala Terrena (from Italian: hall of the ground floor) in Mozarthaus Vienna is located in Vienna’s historical city center, nearby both St. Stephan’s Cathedral and Hofburg. It was built as part of the Monastery of the German Knightly Order in the second half of the 12th century.

Mozart Ensemble in the Sala Terrena

Visible Baroque influences can be viewed in the well-preserved Venetian late Renaissance style of the interior. The beautiful and expressive frescoes of the Sala Terrena illustrate rich ornamentation and reveal mythical scenes. The selected location provides the perfect setting for an evening of highest quality. Let us tempt you into a world of Baroque sensuality and love for life.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart resided in the monastery of the Teutonic Knights in 1781. It was during his time here, in the oldest concert hall in Vienna, that he played several concerts on behalf of Archbishop Colloredo, one of the most important promoters of the Mozart family. Come and experience Mozart’s spirit at a Mozarthaus performance!

Sala Terrena with beautiful frescos